Performance artists are not the kind of people who wish to be discovered working in garrets but, rather, hope to change the world.  – Martha Wilson

I am interested in the possibility of selflessness.  This inquiry steams from witnessing the sacrifices my parents endured in order to provide me with the opportunities that they didn’t have access to.  My parent’s who raised me on their blue-collar, factory earnings, influenced my perception of a strong work ethic and the meaning of devotion, all while our surroundings of a thriving manufacturing area of Central New York, was turning into a wasteland of broken dreams, and vacant buildings.  I can’t escape the memories of my childhood, and how they have sculpted my attitude, and beliefs toward the role of art in our society, and my art making process.

I am a civil servant.  I create moments, experiences and opportunities for others by using art as a vehicle that strategically maneuvers through a social setting, by adapting to the needs and wants of the community in which I am inhabiting.  I believe that art is a vital tool that can be utilized to achieve societal advancement, and enhance our daily lives. I believe that art should be readily available to the everyday person, and accessible to all, no matter their level of education.  I believe knowledge is power and it is best when shared.

I am primarily interested in producing work for non-traditional art world settings that develop a dialogue around art that expands the accessibility, and typical networks of viewership.  This concept is then further enhanced by producing, and partaking in events with no fee, so as to eliminate a precursory boundary in which correlates to the current economic disparity in America, and thus challenges the capitalistic power structure that is inherent in the disparities of our dream.  I want freedom.