I want to exist in a world that is free from discrimination and hate, where the wealthy do not look down upon the poor, but equal; where one can be open to their desire, and love whom they want, without impeding judgments from others, or restrictions that threaten their daily lives; where you can breathe clean, unpolluted air and drink uncontaminated water from your household sink; where your fellow citizens aren’t camped out all year long on the streets, and you don’t have to go into debt to access the proper healthcare or education; where greed and plastic aren’t ruining our environment by suffocating our trees, wildlife, and oceans. I want to live in a world that accepts differences as the new norm, because we all belong here. I want to live in a world that does not yet exist.

-Statement on current status of life in America, words by Tina Dillman, 2020

40th Birthday Sale

In light of my upcoming 40th birthday (March 31), I’ve reopened the sale on the drawings from the “Our Desires” collection (2015-16). This collaborative project includes 100 Desires in the form of I want from dozens of anonymous artists from around the country. Each drawing (5” x 7”, archival ink on watercolor paper) was scanned and printed and 5 handmade books were made.  Each available drawing is $40/each and I have 1 book available for $1000.

If interested in purchasing a drawing you can review the available drawing list , and once you’ve chosen your Desire, please send payment through Paypal: paypal.me/TinaDillman or Venmo: @Tina-Dillman-1. Please be sure to include the number that correlates to the Desire(s) of your choice. Celebrate 40+ years of living and get yourself that Desire!

Any questions please contact Tina @ tinadillmanprojects at gmail.com.