Objects for Gallery Spaces

Below are some visual examples of conceptual works that have revealed themselves in the form of objects. Mediums used include: text, photography, painting, sculpture, video, and installation.

In 2017, I began painting again, after about a 10 year hiatus.  In having access to a studio space as the artist in residence at 500 Seneca, I was drawn to work with materials that seemed familiar and yet, like riding a bike, I felt like I picked up where I had left off.  Exploring paint as texture, using lots of color, and pushing the viscosity to its limits, I was able to express the emotions that were building up inside me that needed the space to feel free.  As an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa, I was drawn to the works by Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, Barnett Newman, Hans Hoffmann, and Helen Frankenthaler, and it shows.

In May – July 2015, I was invited to have a solo show at the Earlville Opera House, in Central New York.  Together we care…Together we share, was an installation combining photography and sculpture that questioned the harsh realities of the “American Dream.”  Ten silver gelatin prints were coupled together in a narrative that reflected the landscape of the West Side in Buffalo, NY, the current neighborhood that I reside in that is home to a diverse population, which includes many refugee and low income families.  The plastic bags strung throughout the gallery were collected through various purchases from local small businesses.

Installation view of Together we care...Together we share
Left side wall of installation, Together we care...Together we share
Right wall view of installation, Together we care...Together we share
Installation view from outside, Together we care...Together we share

As part of my thesis exhibition in May 2014, I created What is truth, a site-specific text work for a display case that was located on the vault floor of the Old Mint.  Photo documentation by Mido Lee.

2014 Tina Dillman
2014 Tina Dillman

In the Fall 2012, I had my Intermediate Graduate Review at SFAI.  The images below are from the installation of a body of work called, All That Remains.

All That Remains, View 1

All That Remains, View 2

All That Remains, View 3

All That Remains, View 4

All That Remains, View 5

A core of our life stems from the place we call Home, so in the Summer of 2011, I traveled back to the first place I called Home in Upstate NY, in order to begin my investigation where it all began.  The trip to NY inspired the objects used in Placeholders, which serve as memory markers that link the past to the present.  The objects are ink-jet black and white images that range in dimensions but are no more than 3″ tall.

12 images of objects taken from my home.
12 images of objects taken from my home.