AGENCY is a one-stop shop for your art & community business needs. We offer support services to artists, entrepreneurs, incubator projects, fiscally sponsored projects, non-profits, for profit entities, foundations, and government agencies . We’re also available for one-on-one sessions, mentoring, group critiques & workshops, public or private speaking engagements, and community planning sessions. AGENCY is available to serve any need your community or arts based business may have, with all services being offered on a sliding scale. To set up a consultation please send an email to: tinadillmanprojects at

A selection of services offered:

For Artists & Individual Community Membersโ€“ of all levels and experience

  • Developing business skills, better habits, and practices.
  • Record keeping, bookkeeping, tax prep, and budgeting.
  • Writing and editing assistance on statements and grants.
  • Marketing and branding โ€“ press releases, website, social media.
  • Time management, organization and management of studio and/or professional practice.
  • Research exhibition, residency, and funding opportunities, assist with application process (LOI & RFP) and expand network of resources.
  • Career planning โ€“ Developing a business plan for the future with attainable goals that is also sustainable.

For Businesses, Foundations, & Government Agencies โ€“of any size

  • Strategic planning for sustainability of business entity.
  • Leadership development through individual sessions, long term mentoring, or retreats.
  • Board development through building out base of members to advancing current members’ skill sets and contributions.
  • Programmatic or project development, including event planning and management.
  • Cultivating patronage and new audience membership, including community outreach.
  • Fundraising development through grant writing and research.
  • Procuring corporate sponsorship and in-kind donations.
  • Marketing and branding.
  • Website and social media presence.

AGENCY was founded in 2019 by artist Tina Dillman, as an attempt to provide needed support to the local artists and non-profits of Pittsburgh, PA, and beyond. Ms. Dillman has worked in the arts sector for over 18 years. As a passionate thought leader she cares deeply about the well-being of her community, and believes in order to have a healthy eco-system we all must rise together. (In reference to Renny Pritikin’s, Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene.)